Source code for pyppeteer.tracing

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Tracing module."""

import asyncio
from pathlib import Path
from typing import Any, Awaitable

from pyppeteer.connection import CDPSession
from pyppeteer.util import merge_dict

[docs]class Tracing(object): """Tracing class.""" def __init__(self, client: CDPSession) -> None: self._client = client self._recording = False self._path = ''
[docs] async def start(self, options: dict = None, **kwargs: Any) -> None: """Start tracing. Only one trace can be active at a time per browser. This method accepts the following options: * ``path`` (str): A path to write the trace file to. **required** * ``screenshots`` (bool): Capture screenshots in the trace. * ``categories`` (List[str]): Specify custom categories to use instead of default. """ options = merge_dict(options, kwargs) defaultCategories = [ '-*', 'devtools.timeline', 'v8.execute', 'disabled-by-default-devtools.timeline', 'disabled-by-default-devtools.timeline.frame', 'toplevel', 'blink.console', 'blink.user_timing', 'latencyInfo', 'disabled-by-default-devtools.timeline.stack', 'disabled-by-default-v8.cpu_profiler', ] categoriesArray = options.get('categories', defaultCategories) if 'screenshots' in options: categoriesArray.append('disabled-by-default-devtools.screenshot') self._path = options.get('path', '') self._recording = True await self._client.send('Tracing.start', { 'transferMode': 'ReturnAsStream', 'categories': ','.join(categoriesArray),
[docs] async def stop(self) -> Awaitable: """Stop tracing.""" contentPromise = asyncio.get_event_loop().create_future() self._client.once( 'Tracing.tracingComplete', lambda event: asyncio.ensure_future( self._readStream(event.get('stream'), self._path) ).add_done_callback( lambda fut: contentPromise.set_result( fut.result()) # type: ignore ) ) await self._client.send('Tracing.end') self._recording = False
return await contentPromise async def _readStream(self, handle: str, path: str) -> None: eof = False file = Path(path) with'w') as f: while not eof: response = await self._client.send('', { 'handle': handle }) eof = response.get('eof', False) if path: f.write(response.get('data', ''))
await self._client.send('IO.close', {'handle': handle})