Source code for pyppeteer.element_handle

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Element handle module."""

import json
import logging
import os.path
from typing import Any, Dict
import warnings

from pyppeteer import helper
from pyppeteer.connection import Session
from pyppeteer.errors import ElementHandleError, BrowserError
from pyppeteer.input import Mouse, Touchscreen

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class ElementHandle(object): """ElementHandle class.""" def __init__(self, client: Session, remoteObject: dict, mouse: Mouse, touchscreen: Touchscreen) -> None: """Make new element handle object.""" self._client = client self._remoteObject = remoteObject self._mouse = mouse self._touchscreen = touchscreen self._disposed = False
[docs] async def dispose(self) -> None: """Release element handle.""" if self._disposed: return self._disposed = True await helper.releaseObject(self._client, self._remoteObject)
[docs] async def evaluate(self, pageFunction: str, *args: Any) -> Any: """Evaluate the pageFunction on browser.""" if self._disposed: raise ElementHandleError('ElementHandle is disposed!') _args = ['this'] _args.extend(json.dumps(x) for x in args) stringifiedArgs = ','.join(_args) functionDeclaration = f''' function() {{ return ({pageFunction})({stringifiedArgs}) }} ''' objectId = self._remoteObject.get('objectId') obj = await self._client.send( 'Runtime.callFunctionOn', { 'objectId': objectId, 'functionDeclaration': functionDeclaration, 'returnByValue': False, 'awaitPromise': True, } ) exceptionDetails = obj.get('exceptionDetails', dict()) remoteObject = obj.get('result', dict()) if exceptionDetails: raise BrowserError( 'Evaluation failed: ' + helper.getExceptionMessage(exceptionDetails) ) return await helper.serializeRemoteObject(self._client, remoteObject)
async def _visibleCenter(self) -> Dict[str, int]: center = await self.evaluate(''' element => { if (!element.ownerDocument.contains(element)) return null; element.scrollIntoViewIfNeeded(); let rect = element.getBoundingClientRect(); return { x: (Math.max(rect.left, 0) + Math.min(rect.right, window.innerWidth)) / 2, y: (Math.max(, 0) + Math.min(rect.bottom, window.innerHeight)) / 2 }; } ''') # noqa: E501 if not center: # raise Exception('No node found for selector: ' + selector) raise BrowserError('No node found for selector: ') return center
[docs] async def hover(self) -> None: """Move mouse over this element.""" obj = await self._visibleCenter() x = obj.get('x', 0) y = obj.get('y', 0) await self._mouse.move(x, y)
[docs] async def click(self, options: dict = None, **kwargs: Any) -> None: """Click this element.""" obj = await self._visibleCenter() x = obj.get('x', 0) y = obj.get('y', 0) if options is None: options = dict() options.update(kwargs) await, y, options)
[docs] async def uploadFile(self, *filePaths: str) -> dict: """Upload files.""" files = [os.path.abspath(p) for p in filePaths] objectId = self._remoteObject.get('objectId') return await self._client.send( 'DOM.setFileInputFiles', {'objectId': objectId, 'files': files} )
[docs] async def attribute(self, key: str) -> str: """[Deprecated] Get attribute value of the `key` of this element.""" logger.warning( '[DEPRECATED] ElementHandle.attribute is dropped in puppeteer. ' 'Use Page.querySelectorEval or Page.Jeval instead.' ) warnings.warn(DeprecationWarning( 'ElementHandle.attribute is dropped in puppeteer.\n' 'Use Page.Jeval instead.' )) return await self.evaluate( '(element, key) => element.getAttribute(key)', key)
[docs] async def tap(self) -> None: """Tap this element.""" center = await self._visibleCenter() x = center.get('x', 0) y = center.get('y', 0) await self._touchscreen.tap(x, y)