Source code for pyppeteer.dialog

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

"""Dialog module."""

from types import SimpleNamespace
from pyppeteer.connection import CDPSession

[docs]class Dialog(object): """Dialog class. Dialog objects are dispatched by page via the ``dialog`` event. """ Type = SimpleNamespace( Alert='alert', BeforeUnload='beforeunload', Confirm='confirm', Prompt='prompt', ) def __init__(self, client: CDPSession, type: str, message: str, defaultValue: str = '') -> None: self._client = client self._type = type self._message = message self._handled = False self._defalutValue = defaultValue @property def type(self) -> str: """Get dialog type. One of ``alert``, ``beforeunload``, ``confirm``, or ``prompt``. """ return self._type @property def message(self) -> str: """Get dialog message.""" return self._message @property def defaultValue(self) -> str: """If dialog is prompt, get default prompt value. If dialog is not prompt, return empty string (``''``). """ return self._defalutValue
[docs] async def accept(self, promptText: str = '') -> None: """Accept the dialog. * ``promptText`` (str): A text to enter in prompt. If the dialog's type is not prompt, this does not cause any effect. """ self._handled = True await self._client.send('Page.handleJavaScriptDialog', { 'accept': True, 'promptText': promptText,
[docs] async def dismiss(self) -> None: """Dismiss the dialog.""" self._handled = True await self._client.send('Page.handleJavaScriptDialog', { 'accept': False,