This page is written in mixed markdown and reST. Source code is here.

Basic Markups (inline)

A strong, emphasis, deleted, code with single-backtick, code with two-backticks, code can include multiple (``) backticks, reST's code role, and inline htmldelete.

Basic Markups (block)

This is a simple sentence.

sentence with

Sentence with
hard-wrap (markdown, trailing two spaces)

block quote second line

nested quote

This is a red, raw-html block.
Block quote after raw-html directive


Unordered list

  • unordered list new line
  • next item
    • nested list with new line
    • nested list item 2
  • original depth
    1. ordered list item
    2. second with new line
  • original depth again

Ordered list

  1. ordered list in new line
  2. second item
    • nested unordered list
    • second item with new line
  3. original depth
    1. nested ordered list with new line
    2. again
  4. original depth again

Code Block

Simple, indented code block

pip install sphinx

Code block with triple backticks and language.

def a(n: int) -> None:
    for i in range(n):

Triple-tildes (~~~) are also available.

def a(n: int) -> None:
    for i in range(n):

Here is reST style code block.

if True:


Table (Markdown-Style)

(cell-alignment is not supported currently)

Table Header 1 Table Header 2 Table Header 3
normal italic bold
code deleted inline-html


This is \(E = mc^2\) inline math.

The below is math-block (markdown-style).

\[E = mc^2\]

The below is reST-style math-block.

\[E = mc^2\]

Include Markdown file

To include markdown file:

.. mdinclude:: path-to-file.md

To include markdown file with specific lines:

.. mdinclude:: included.md
   :start-line: 2
   :end-line: -2

Original included.md file is:


#### Include this line


This file included as:

#### Include this line

and results in HTML as below:

Include this line


Footnote[2] and footnote[3] with markdown.

Footnote with reST[1].

[1]reST footnote
[2]footnote 1
[3]footnote key